Join us on March 23, 2024 at 2pm at Battlefield Hall

Ages 0-13|Entry Fee: $45

Contestants will compete in Civil War costume


  • Baby Miss 0-11 months
  • T’Nincy Miss 1-3 years
  • Tiny Miss 4-5 years
  • Little Miss 6-8 years
  • Deb Miss 9-11 year
  • Junior Miss 12-13 years


  • Baby Commandant 0-11 months
  • Tiny Commandant 1-3 years
  • Little Commandant 4-5 years

Ages 14 & up |Entry Fee: $60

Contestants will compete in Interview, Civil War costume, Evening gown, & On-stage introduction

  • Teen Miss 14-16 years
  • Miss 17-23 years

Teen & Miss will compete first in interview competition. Interview will be the morning of the March 23 tba.

Civil War Costume will be the only attire acceptable for this event. During the Civil War costume, Teen and Miss will recite their introduction. Introductions need to include their name, contestant number, a piece of history, and invitation to the 2024 Re-enactment.


Queens and commandants will receive a crown, monogrammed banner, flowers, plaque, t- shirt & goody bag. Teen and Miss Divisions will also receive a plaque for Best Interview. All contestants will receive a small plaque. Teen Miss Queen will receive $100 scholarship at the successful completion of her reign. Miss Queen will receive a $1,000 scholarship (check made payable to the college or trade school of her choice), use of the custom Battle of Pleasant Hill crown, train, mantle, scepter, and formal banner (all to be returned to the BOPH committee), monogrammed banner, flowers, and plaque. The Miss Queen will be required to attend the Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals Convention and interview competition in Baton Rouge for 2025, where she will receive a paid entry.

Special Awards

People’s Choice: Each ticket will be $1 and be available for purchase before and during the pageant. People’s Choice winner will receive a plaque, crown, goody bag, and Battle of Pleasant Hill t-shirt.

Installing Ceremony of Miss Battle

The 2024 Miss Battle will be announced at the pageant. She will be officially crowned and begin her reign during the opening ceremonies of the Battle of Pleasant Hill on Sunday, April 14, 2024, at 1:00 pm.

Rules and General Information
  • In addition to the Teen and Miss Queens contractual obligations, all queens and commandants are expected to participate in events happening throughout the Battle of Pleasant Hill reenactment weekend April 12-14, 2024. Activities include (but may not be limited to) the parade, reenactment, and ball being held on Saturday, April 13 and the reenactment on Sunday, April 14.
  •  All queens and commandants will receive a reenactment weekend itinerary the week following the pageant. Any queen or commandant not fulfilling his/her obligations on reenactment weekend will forfeit his/her title and be deemed ineligible to compete again for 3 years. Any Teen  Queen who does not fulfill her contractual duties will be ineligible to compete for the title of Miss  Battle of Pleasant Hill.
Costume Rules

Babies – Little Miss: Period appropriate attire, chemise, and petticoat.

Little Miss – Junior Miss: Period appropriate attire, chemise, under drawers, white knee socks, hoop, at least
1 petticoat, and black ballet flats or ankle boots.

Teen Miss – Miss: Period appropriate attire, chemise, corset, under drawers, white knee socks, hoop,
at least 1 petticoat, and black ballet flats or ankle boots.

Costumes available to rent from the Battle of Pleasant Hill committee!
Contact Courtney Jones to set up a time to try on! (318) 947-6254


Contact information: Courtney Jones (318) 947-6254


*Click Here for Full Pageant Flyer & Rules*